Personal Financial Solutions – Cindy Stevens, BS, CDMM®, CSA®
MSRN Board of Directors
Treasurer 2016

Advocating and navigating financial, insurance and personal matters creating ease of living and peace of mind.

Dedicated to providing individualized financial and medical bill management services as needed: one time crisis management, weekly, bi-weekly or whatever the unique situation calls for. Thereby helping individuals and families improve quality of life, reduce stress, maintain or achieve independence, enhance ease of living, facilitate travel and create peace of mind.

Years of experience encompassing business and personal accounting, strategic bill paying, creditor negotiation, medical insurance claim processing including dispute research/resolution, document compilation for tax preparation and personal document organization will be at your service.

*I do not sell any financial nor insurance products. This provides the ability for unbiased advocating and navigating.

Personal Financial Solutions; where knowledge, experience, understanding and empathy are utilized to assist others in need.

Cindy B Stevens, BS, CDMM®, CSA®
Personal Financial Solutions
P O Box 192
Fallston, MD 21047

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