James Macfarlane

James Macfarlane and Harry Bond are partners in their company, MBA Concierge. Both have been part of the Baltimore community for their entire professional careers. Their previous professional experience has situated them well to serve the needs of individuals and families that are looking for assistance in all aspects of their daily life.  James Macfarlane has an extensive background in the financial service business as well as the service oriented printing sector. Harry Bond has previously worked for a family business in the office equipment field and founded and subsequently sold a business in the office supply industry. They both understand the value of customer service and confidentiality with respect to taking care of the needs of their clients.

James and Harry realized that there was a need and an opportunity to provide a professional and confidential firm in the bookkeeping/bill pay and concierge service arena. Applying the knowledge gained from their previous professional experience, they have invested a significant amount of time and resources to meet the needs of the Baltimore market.

Daily Money Management: Paying bills, Organizing and maintaining files and records, Depositing funds/income, Reconciling bank statements, Preparing financial statements for client and/or advisor, Preparing budgets, Filing medical insurance claims, Acting as limited or blanket Power of Attorney according to your needs.

Residential Management: Checking house weekly, supervising/overseeing house and grounds, Receiving and forwarding mail, Being listed on “first called” on security alarm systems, Reviewing sources for regular house repairs and services, Reviewing house repair/services estimates, Reviewing all insurance policies to insure proper coverage, Checking maintenance contracts, Maintaining domestic payroll records.

Life Essentials Planner: Do you have all your Financial Information in order, All your usernames & passwords in order, Life Care plans set up, Advance Medical Directive, Is your Will in order and up to date? Funeral Arrangements? We can help you get all your Life Essential information in order.

James Macfarlane will meet with you and or your advisor to analyze your personal needs. Contact James 410-771-8555 or james@mbaconcierge.com.

Geographic Areas Served: Baltimore Washington Corridor

Individual MSRN member since August, 2018.

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