Admin/Board 2024

Sherry Rush
Sherry RushPresident
Christina Snyder
Christina SnyderVice President
Wilson Ortega
Wilson OrtegaTreasurer
Deb Bakalich
Deb BakalichSecretary
Richard Abraham
Richard AbrahamAt-Large


Mission: To invite, interview and process new members. To keep top quality, professional, reputable members. Keep track of member attendance.

Membership Subcommittees:

New Member Processing; PreMembership Interview Team (PMIT); Background Check; Member Attendance; Website Coordination; Ambassadors: NewMember/Guest; Wait List; Exit Interviews

MSRN Member Experience Committee (MEC)

The MEC committee looks at all aspects of membership including, but not limited to, social activities, philanthropic activities, activities at the member meetings, marketing MSRN, member retention etc. The goal is for the members to have as positive an experience as possible while maintaining and adhering to our core mission.


Marketing/Branding: Events; Website; Social Media; Ask The Expert Panels; Speaker Ambassador Bureau; Adopt A Senior

MEC Committee

Nominations Committee

Aug: Chair announces the Nominations process is starting. Descriptions of the officer’s responsibilities can be found in    the Policy and Procedures Manual.
Sept: Chair releases the call for nominations via electronic Survey Monkey poll.
Oct: Nominees will be announced. Chair will notify those elected.
Nov: New officers will be introduced to the members.
Jan: Installation of New Officers

Events Committee

Website Committee

Works with Paul Hartman, our Website Wizard, to keep MSRN’s website up to date and remain friendly.

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