How Sleep and Moderate Exercise Can Improve Healthy Aging

How sleep, moderate exercise can encourage healthy aging

Written by Tony Hicks on June 11, 2024 — Fact checked by Jennifer Chesak, MSJ

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  • Researchers report that vigorous physical activity accounts for only 4% of adults waking time while sedentary behavior accounts for 60%.

  • They say that even light physical activity can increase the odds of healthy aging.

  • They add that adequate sleep can also improve aging and longevity.

Getting enough sleep and doing moderate-to-vigorous exercise can help with healthy aging, according to a studyTrusted Source published today in the journal JAMA Network Open.

The study’s recommendations may sound like common sense, but the research adds more weight to the idea that a combination of movement and good sleep, even into later years, helps make for a longer, healthier life.

The study authors said more vigorous physical activity is associated with increased odds of healthy aging.

They added that sleep duration has an inverted U-shaped association with healthy aging, with seven hours of daily sleep associated with the highest odds of healthy aging.

However, they caution that in modern society, vigorous physical activity accounts for only about 4% of adults’ waking time whereas sedentary behavior occupies approximately 60% of adults’ waking time and has significantly increased over time.

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