Digestive Disorders: Surprising Reasons Why You’re Gassy

Reviewed on 11/27/2022

 How Much Gas Is Too Much?

Gas is normal, but if you have too much it might mean you have something wrong with your digestive system.

Gas is normal. It’s part of your digestion, and everybody has it. Most people pass gas five to 15 times a day. But if you feel like you’ve got more gas than other people or more than you used to, you might want to find out what’s causing it. This is especially important if your gas is causing you pain or other discomfort.

Why You Get It

Swallowing air is one way gas gets into your intestines.

Any gas you pass has to get into your intestines somehow. This can happen when you swallow air. Some gas is made in your intestines by bacteria and other microbes that live there. Those microbes help to break down the food you eat.

Swallowing Air

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