13 things that Fast Food Does to Your Body

  • Reviewed By: Christine Mikstas, RD, LD  Reviewed on 12/7/2021

Packs on the pounds

Processed carbs in fast food translate to weight gain and obesity if you indulge too often.

Fast food is convenient and cheap, but you pay a bigger price in the long run. Those burgers, fries, and shakes usually have more fat, calories, and highly processed carbs than your body needs in one meal. This can quickly lead to weight gain and obesity if you eat it often.

Harms Your Heart

Bacon cheeseburgers often contain more than the suggested daily amount of sodium, which can raise blood pressure and damage blood vessels.

Sodium makes fast food taste better and keeps it from spoiling. But just one bacon cheeseburger can contain your recommended daily value for sodium. That’s the amount of a nutrient experts suggest getting every day. Too much sodium raises your blood pressure and damages your blood vessels. It also raises your risk for heart failure, heart attack, and stroke.

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