Aging Spots on Legs: What’s Normal and What’s Not

The Appearance of Individual Spots or Clusters From Sun Exposure

  • Aging spots on the legs, also called age spots, liver spots, or solar lentigo, are a very common and normal part of aging. They look like large brown freckles and can show up almost anywhere that the skin experiences exposure to the sun.

Several methods are available to fade or remove aging spots. Some can be done at home, whereas others require a visit to a healthcare provider. This article will discuss how to identify an age spot, how to get it removed, and prevent future ones from appearing.

Age spot on leg
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Are Aging Spots on Legs Normal?

Age spots on the legs are incredibly common and normal. They are especially common in people 40 years old and older.1 Areas of the body that are exposed to the sun, like the hands, face, arms, and legs, can develop aging spots.2

Exposure to sunlight causes melanocytes (pigment-producing cells in the skin) to multiply. The pigment they produce (melanin) collects in the skin cells. resulting in an age spot.1

If new spots are appearing on the skin and they do not fit the description of an age spot, talk to a healthcare provider. Several skin conditions look similar to an age spot.

While these spots are often called liver spots, they are named after the color only. They are not related to the health of your liver.3

When to Be Concerned About Age Spots…

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