Diet and Nutrition: Health Benefits of Spinach

Reviewed on 9/30/2020

Green Goodness

Eating spinach benefits your heart and immune system.

Spinach is a superstar among green leafy vegetables. This low-calorie food is full of nutrients that are good for your body in several ways. From boosting the immune system — your body’s defense against germs — to helping your heart, its advantages might surprise you.

Boosts Hydration

Spinach supplies vital nutrition, but it also boosts your hydration.

You might think sipping water and other drinks are the only way to hydrate. But food can help you reach that goal, too. Spinach is a vegetable that’s nearly all water. Add it to your meals and snacks throughout the day for extra H2O.

Curbs Appetite

Thylakoids in spinach may reduce your appetite.

Studies suggest thylakoid extracts from plants like spinach may reduce your appetite. This happens because they lower levels of a hunger hormone and raise hormones that make you feel full. Thylakoids can also make your stomach empty later.

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