Colon Cancer Symptoms

  • Colon cancer  usually doesn’t cause symptoms in the early stages. As the disease progresses, you may experience abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, and changes in the size and shape of your stool.1 Unintentional weight loss, iron deficiency anemia, and jaundice can also occur.

This article explores the signs and symptoms of colon cancer. It also looks at some of the complications of colon cancer and when you should see a healthcare provider.

colon cancer symptoms


Frequent Symptoms of Colon Cancer 

At stage 1, colon cancer usually has no symptoms. This is why regular screening beginning at age 45 (and earlier for those with risk factors) is an important investment in your health.2

The symptoms mentioned below by no means point directly to colon cancer. In fact, they could indicate another problem in the bowels, such as an infection (for example, acute diverticulitis), ulcers, or inflammation (for example, Crohn’s disease). This is why seeing your healthcare provider is critical.3

Colon cancer symptoms come in two general varieties: local symptoms (based on where the tumor is located) and systemic symptoms (involving the whole body).


Local Symptoms of Colon Cancer

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