By Cheryl Boone, Reator, MSRN Member

These 5 improvements that will make your property sparkle and attract potential buyers! 🌟

.🏠 Looking to sell your house? Gone are the days of just making sure you have updated baths, kitchens and pleasing outside spaces. Now, adding some unique features that will grab the attention of the buyers!

1️. Get rid of carpeting and upgrade to hardwood flooring. It’s stunning, durable, and easy to maintain. Plus, it has a timeless appeal that never goes out of style.

2️. Install built-in bookcases. They not only add storage but also give an elegant touch to your interior design. Potential buyers can imagine curling up with a good book and sipping on coffee in the comfort of their new home.

3️. Consider adding a steam oven as it offers faster cooking times and preserves more nutrients than traditional ovens. It is also an eco-friendly investment in the long run.

4️. Warmer palettes create a welcoming atmosphere in any room. Neutral tones, warm grays, and soft yellows make spaces feel inviting while avoiding overwhelming potential buyers.

5️. Finally, install a chicken coop for those who love fresh eggs straight from the source! Even if buyers do not keep chickens themselves, they add charm and homely vibes to the backyard.

Don’t miss out on these simple but effective improvements to showcase your house to its full potential!

Article submitted to MSRN by Cheryl Boone, Realtor and MSRN Member: