What Is Brain Cancer?

Brain tumors occur from a variety of cell types in different locations in the brain.

Brain cancer is a malignant growth of abnormal brain cells in the brain. A grouping of abnormal cells is called a tumor. Some tumors are benign and some are malignant. There are several different types of tumors that occur in the brain and spinal cord. Different cells in the brain and spinal cord give rise to various kinds of tumors. Spinal cord tumors and brain tumors may grow quickly or slowly. Even benign tumors may cause symptoms. The brain is the central organ that governs other organs and systems in the body, so all brain tumors need to be taken seriously.

Brain Tumor Dangers

Tumors in the brain press on parts of the brain and may cause symptoms.

The skull is a hard framework of bone. Tumors in the brain are dangerous because they press on areas of the brain as they grow. The skull is not able to expand to accommodate the presence of a tumor. When the tumor grows, it presses on the brain. Depending on which area of the brain is affected, this may cause problems with thinking, acting, seeing, and feeling. Factors that determine how dangerous a brain tumor is include the location, whether or not it can be surgically removed, and how quickly it grows, and whether or not it has the ability to spread.

What Is Secondary Brain Cancer?

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