Cleaning out a loved one’s belongings could include disposing of medications.

Rather than throwing in the trash where they could wind up in the Chesapeake Bay, consider using the Baltimore County Drop boxes or your local police department’s drop boxes for unwanted medications.  Expired or unwanted medications, whether they be prescription or OTC drugs, are easily disposed of by using the drop boxes outside any of the 10 Baltimore County Poice predincts.  The drop boxes are available 24/7.

Gather up the medications either in their original bottled or in plastic Ziploc bags and simply drop in the box.

The drop boxes do not accept medical waste, such as syringes or lancets.  These items should be placed in an FDA approved sharps disposal container before placing in the regular trash disposal bin.  If not available, a hard plastic container with a warning label on the outside could also work.

Submitted by Pat France