Steve Sless speaking to our members 1.6.20 about “Branding”.

Steve began his presentation by saying: you need to ask “Who, What and Why”?   Your Name, What you do and Why you do it! Each of us represents our own personal brand. Examining your who, what and why will help you create your brand.  Marketing is the money and actions you take each month to get the word out about your business.  Branding is the power of your company recognition and its authority in the marketplace.

Brands captivate: How do you get your message out in the marketplace?  For referral-based businesses, meaningful conversations with your referral partners.  What can you give back to the groups and people you work with?  You need to act as a connector.

What is the best way to reach an audience? Video is a big piece as is social media.  Consistency is critical.  If you are doing social media, post at least once a day.

How to share a compelling body of work?  Have the client sign a waiver so that you can use their likeness and project.  Bring a videographer out to show the work being done or explaining the impact of what is happening with their testimonial.  Focus on what the effect of the service or product has been on the life of the client you did the work for.  The audience needs to get to know you as a brand and the personality of the crew and your team.

A Lead is a person who first makes contact with you (you have captivated them).  Now the task is to cultivate the lead into a prospect by presenting and sharing a valued proposition.

Steve is focusing on making MSRN become a more powerful brand.  He plans on helping us grow from a networking group to a lead generation group.  As part of the Member Experience Committee, we will look at a new logo, a new mission statement that focuses on the Who, What and Why of the organization, and having more of a social media presence and adding more color and video to our website.  MSRN needs to make an emotional connection with the seniors and the families of the seniors we serve.  Think about an MSRN podcast, video series to highlight members.  The message should be that seniors know who we are and will turn to MSRN for help!

How to follow up with leads without overwhelming them?  Communicate in ways other than sales calls is key.  Communicate information and helpful tips through newsletters, social media, to build rapport and tell a story.  For instance, Steve presenting at MSRN could be posted on social media most effectively if the post focuses on presenting at MSRN and Why.


Steve is the owner of The Steven J. Sless Group of Primary Residential Mortgage based in Owings Mills, Maryland.  Direct PHONE: 410-753-2263; Office PHONE; 410-814-7575.  Email:  Steve is also an MSRN Member.  

Posted 1.9.20 by Pat France, MSRN Member

The writing of this story is credited to Rebecca Snyder, MSRN Member,  who took excellent notes during the presentation.

Photography by Pat France